Molasses-glazed Salmon with Sweet-and-spicy Peach Salsa

Molasses-glazed salmon with swee-and-spicy peach salsa

Sweet-and-spicy love

I’m not sure which I love more about this recipe – the salmon or the peach salsa. The combination of sweet fruit and spicy chile is perfect mounded over the buttery salmon with its not-too-sweet glaze. Okay, so I decided. I’m going with loving the Sweet-and-spicy Peach Salsa more. I could eat a gallon of it (can you tell by the picture above?).

I have to admit that the recipes for Molasses-glazed Salmon with Sweet-and-spicy Peach Salsa come from my husband but I’m applying the what’s-mine-is-yours rule since we live in the same house. He doesn’t mind, right Dear?

Just peachy

We grill out a lot most of the year, but there’s only a short period of time when we get to enjoy fresh peaches. If you’re looking for something to do with peaches other than make dessert or smoothies or eat them as-is, try this recipe for the Sweet-and-spicy Peach Salsa. You don’t have to use it to top salmon. Use it with chips. Use it to top a green salad. Use it over grilled mushrooms or maybe even on a grilled pizza (note to self: try this!).

Sweet-and-spicy peach salsa

A real fish story

The Molasses-glazed Salmon is delicious, too. I don’t mean to downplay it (I just really love the salsa!). You might think the molasses would make the salmon overly sweet, but it doesn’t. It’s the just the right amount. My husband got the idea for this recipe from the man who sold him some salmon while we were staying on Orcas Island — an amazingly beautiful place in the San Juan Islands — a few years back (can you say fresh fish?). He’s been adjusting, and we’ve been enjoying, the recipe ever since! Hope you enjoy it, too.

Recipe for Molasses-glazed Salmon with Sweet-and-spicy Peach Salsa
Serves 2

Spicy Watermelon Salsa

I never really thought much about making watermelon salsa. I enjoy the more traditional, tomato-based salsas, especially when you start talking about adding avocados! But with watermelon in season and the gift of a unique olive oil, I had something in mind!

Can’t beat the heat

I was recently contacted by Plato’s Olive Oil, a family-owned, California-based company, and asked if I would give their product – a habanero-infused olive oil – a try*. I was told the olive oil had just two ingredients: extra virgin olive oil made from California-grown olives, and habanero peppers (which they remove after infusing to keep the product safe from microbial growth). This sounded really interesting (and tasty), especially considering how often I use olive oil for cooking. Plato’s rep mentioned that the olive oil isn’t super-spicy, but he also noted that the oil does pack some heat.

Two worlds collide

I accepted a sample of Plato’s product, and started to wonder about how I could use it. Like I said, I love traditional-style salsas, but wanted to try a watermelon salsa. Not only that, but I wanted to use the olive oil in something besides pasta sauce or pesto. Ah ha! Spicy watermelon salsa it would be!

This olive oil would be great in pasta sauces, pesto, or used as a dip for crusty bread. What a great flavor! Even though the habanero is one of the spiciest chili peppers, this oil isn’t overwhelming, but it does have a kick to it. Check out the company’s site if this sounds like something you’d like. Take a peek at their recipes, and consider ordering one bottle for yourself and one for a friend!

Note: If you don’t have flavored olive oil to use for this recipe, just use standard olive oil and add about 1/4 cup of your favorite, hot pepper, diced.

*My acceptance of a free product does not guarantee a review. I received a complimentary bottle of Plato’s Olive Oil, with no obligation to write about it, or provide a positive review. I did not receive compensation for reviewing this product.

Recipe for Spicy Watermelon Salsa:

Serves 6