Pork Carnitas Tacos

Simmer down

It’s slow going to cook up these pork carnitas for tacos, but it’s worth the time involved. Not much effort, just several hours of your day.

Carnitas – little meats – is a popular dish where I live in the Southwest. Pork seems to be the most popular meat of choice for this slow-cooking, Mexican-inspired meal, but you can use different types of meat, and serve it up as tacos, tortas, burritos, or in salads (think Chipotle).

I’ve seen recipes that use slow cookers to make carnitas, but this one was made on a lazy Sunday, with not much going on – perfect for the almost three hours it took to simmer and cook up deliciously, first on the stove top, then in the oven.

Simply flavorful

These pork carnitas turned out moist and full of flavor. They’re perfect to plate up with corn tortillas as tacos along with a few toppings (but only a few thanks to all the flavor of the meat). I served these with a green salsa and just a bit of cheese sprinkled on top. Worth the wait!

Some of you know me as a non-meat eater, and some of you know I make exceptions from time to time (mom’s meatballs and Galley Boys from Swensons). These carnitas now make my “exceptions” list!

Recipe for Pork Carnitas Tacos:

Serves 6