Chocolate Samosas with Pear-Cherry Chutney

I swapped the veggies for chocolate

This week I was set to prepare and post a healthy recipe made with spring-fresh veggies. That is until I jumped on Facebook and started to click through my friend’s photos from her recent trip to London. The gardens looked gorgeous and the museum shots were intriguing, but what caught my eye was one of the out-and-about food shots.

It looked like my friend was enjoying Indian food – a favorite of mine. I saw Samosas in the frame, tucked behind a few cocktails, and as my mouth watered over those stuffed packets of golden dough, I read the caption. It said “chocolate Samosas.”

Indian inspiration

I showed the picture to my husband and told him that I wanted to make chocolate Samosas! We chatted a few minutes about how it could be done, and then he came up with the idea to add chutney to the recipe. At first I wasn’t interested in his contribution (I’m fine with just vanilla ice cream, thankyouverymuch), but he suggested “chutney” not chutney. Just as these would be “Samosas” not Samosas. Follow?

I don’t want to pretend that these Samosas and chutney are even close to traditional Indian delights, but we thought we would use the Indian food we love as inspiration. The Samosas are made from phyllo dough and baked, and the chutney is a combination of fruits, juices and seasonings. If you’d like, you can add nuts between the layers of dough or change up the fruit for the chutney.

This is an easy dessert to put together and is best served warm. I suggest including vanilla ice cream in your plans.

Chocolate Samosas with Pear-Cherry Chutney:

Yields 12 Samosas and approximately 1-1/2 cups of chutney