Pimento Cheese Spread


I love to travel to new locales and, what else? Enjoy the food that helps make the area famed. Pimento Cheese Spread is new to me, and I just wonder where it’s been all my life! This Southern classic is versatile, not to mention delicious.

Quinoa Bites with Carrot and Cilantro

A gluten-free, delicious snack: Quinoa Bites with Carrot and Cilantro

You can easily enjoy Quinoa Bites with Carrot and Cilantro as an appetizer, but I love them as an easy snack. They’re perfect late in the morning before lunch, or halfway through the afternoon as you make your way to dinner.

Top 10 Grab a Plate Recipes of 2014

Popular recipes from Grab a Plate for 2014

Happy 2015! As we head into the new year with excitement, let’s not forget the past (unless of course you want to). I checked into the magical world of analytics for the Grab a Plate website to determine the most viewed recipes of 2014.