Think spring flavors with creamy Caprese spaghetti

Creamy Caprese Spaghetti

Wishful eating

I know a lot of you are urging on the warm weather, so I say fake it a little with your food. Think spring flavors with creamy Caprese spaghetti! This is one of the recipes I recently developed for SheKnows.

This is no April Fools’ Day joke. This spaghetti dish actually tastes like a Caprese salad.

Spaghetti always makes a hearty meal, and this one combines a great, creamy sauce with basil and tomatoes. You probably don’t need any more prompting, but what could get you more in the mood for warm weather?

While you’re waiting for the weather to turn, I say you sneak in a spring-inspired spaghetti dish like this one.

Spagahetti with the flavors of a Caprese salad

Straight from the source

I was told by an Italian friend that there is a dish in Italy called pasta alla checca that uses similar ingredients, however, fresh, uncooked tomatoes and lots of basil are used. What another great option for a flavorful meal!

Get the recipe for Creamy Caprese Spaghetti

6 Responses to “Think spring flavors with creamy Caprese spaghetti”

  1. Micheline says:

    Your recipes and photos are just wonderful. They are all the types I foods I ACTUALLY eat. Not over-complicated or stuffy. And the photos have great color balance and staging. :)

    • Patricia says:

      Ah! Thanks for the kind words, Micheline! I LOVE your pix & recipes as well, and how great to get a compliment from another whose work I admire!

  2. Ooooh snap this sounds good—- instead of pour some sugar on me, it’s like pour some cream on me…. oh wait that sounds dirty. LOL!

  3. I could never turn down a caprese anything – and pasta caprese? SOLD!

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